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Service Agreement



(This will constitute your agreement to all the terms on this form.)

   Cancellation & Rescheduling Changes

    We NEVER cancel on our clients, in case of emergency, will send another artist to come to your party, we only send talented artist.  If for any reason the client needs to cancel deposit is not refundable but it's 100% transferable for another event within 1 year or the original date.  The client can reschedule the event date or time depending on our schedule a least 5 days before the event.

 - We perform rain or shine. The client is responsible to provide an alternate location in the event of inclement weather. If the event is postponed due to inclement weather, entertainment may be rescheduled within 3-4 weeks (subject to availability) without penalty. In case of cancellation, we keep your deposit.

 - Extra Time: You can add increments of 30 minutes for $70 per artist.  NOTE: Extra time is not always available. It depends if your artist’s schedule will not allow it.

 - To complete your booking a $100 NONREFUNDBLE deposit is required within 24 hours to secure your spot. We accept deposit payment through PayPal or Venmo or Zelle or ApplePay. Remain balance is due on the day of service. Artist(s) accepts CASH ONLY on the location.



   Safety & Liability Statement

   We are insured.  Although we only use approved and safe for skin products, FDA approved professional face paint, the artist is not liable for allergic reactions to makeup products/”paints”. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the artist if their child has sensitive skin.  Artist has the right to refuse to paint offensive material (such as ‘gang’,‘double meanings’; offensiveness to be determined solely by the artist) and an alternative design will be offered.

 - As a health precaution artist cannot paint on anyone who has any signs of a cold, or flu, skin rash, or any sort of broken skin. 

 - We will not assist parents with forcing their child to get painted if the child is unhappy or uncomfortable with the idea.  It is important to us that face painting is remembered as a pleasant experience for each child. As an option, we can offer the child to be painted on his/her hand.  

 - It is advised that the Face painting is offered to children who are 3 years of age or older.  Baby reactions can be unpredictable and we do not want to compromise their safety.

 - Broken balloon pieces from any type of balloon can cause a choking HAZARD for people of any age, especially those ages 3 and under.  Parental Supervision is recommended!   

 -  NO BALLOONS to children under 3 years old.  Our Insurance Company doesn't allow to give balloons to any children under the age of 3 years.  Babys and totters attended to put objects in their month and balloon can cause choking HAZARD.  


   Photo Consent & Release  

   By having your Guests’ face painted and photographed, permission is hereby granted to use images for the painter’s portfolio, marketing materials such as banners, website or other publications.  No names are ever revealed or location.  If for any reason, you do not agree, please inform the artist and privacy will be respected.


   Few things that We need you to provide

  1.- Parking Space must be provided for the artist(s) closest to the event's location so that equipment can be unloaded/loaded. The Client will reimburse the artist for any parking fees, or provide parking validation.

 NOTE: Please do not place the artist(s) near speakers or stages, as they will need to communicate with Guests. Keep in mind that long lines may form while Guests wait their turn.  Please place the artist(s) in a location that can accommodate lines.

  2.- An area with a minimum of 5’x 6’ radio shaded and protected away from inclement weather.

       (Rain or Direct Sunlight).

  3.- Adequate lighting if the area is dark or for night time.

      (Especially during winter Daylight-Saving time schedule) 
3.- A table (minimum size of 2’ x 3’ but 4ft is perfect) and 1-2 chair(s).

      If you can't provide the table, please let me know to bring ours




    Tips are NOT expected it but are greatly APPRECIATED!!!



   Knowledge of Acceptance

   By paying the deposit you agreed to all terms and conditions

    above.  Please make sure you read it.


   We are looking forward to provide you with a great service

                     to make happy memories!

 Ready to book!

Contact Ms. Lily for avaliablily @ 714-251-9421 by text. 

All prices are good within 30 miles distance from Corona. A $30 driving fee will apply for  event that are between 30-55 miles away.

Please pay your deposit here ONLY if we have confirmed

your date and time frame is avaliable!


Thank You for Booking with Us!

   Reservation fee or Deposit is not refundable, it will be go towards the total amount.


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